It's the OMG heard 'round the world: Today, Harvard Business School released its deadlines and essay questions for the Class of 2015, ushering in big changes to its MBA admissions policies. 

The most obvious difference from years past is that there are now only two required essays (as opposed to the four HBS asked last year). But there's also an additional essay question that those who are invited to interview must complete within 24 hours of their interview.  

The two required essays are:

  • Tell us something you've done well (400 words)
  • Tell us something you wish you had done better (400 words)

Yup, that's it. Now if only those questions were as easy to answer as they were to come up with...

In her May 22nd blog, Dee Leopold, the head of admissions at HBS, explained the school now views admissions in three stages: Introduce Yourself (application, GMAT/GPA, recs, essays), Tell Us More (the interview, which as in years past will be mandatory for all admitted applicants), and Have The Last Word, in which candidates are asked to "do a written reflection on the interview experience which will be submitted via the online application system."

Details on what the post-interview essay question will be are still fuzzy, but it will likely ask candidates to discuss something they did not have the chance to address during the interview.

A final (albeit less significant) shake-up is that the Round 1 deadline has been moved from early October to September 24, 2012.  That gives procrastinators one less week to do what they do best.  But luckily for them, the Round 2 and 3 deadlines remain more or less the same as last year.

For complete information on the HBS essays and deadlines, see the HBS page of our Essay Guide. And check back soon for our Best Practices Blog on how to answer the new HBS essays.