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By Ben Feuer, Photo by Ryan McGilchrist


Many prospective film students are intimidated by the idea of taking the GRE — the good news is that at this point in time, the vast majority of top MFA film programs no longer require it.  Here’s a list, accurate as of 2015, about which schools need the GRE and which do not.

USC: only for PH.d
Columbia: No
NYU: only for PH.d
Chapman: The GRE is required if your cumulative GPA from your degree granting undergraduate school is under a 3.0. A minimum score of 153 on the verbal section and 4.5 on the analytical writing section is required.
UT Austin: GRE is required for everyone.
Cal Arts: No
Emerson: Optional for Film&TV Writing, No for Media Art
FSU: No for production, Yes for Writing

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