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What's new in the world today?  How about a kitchen appliance for vitamins, bioprinted leather and a global exchange for Bitcoin?

By Ben Feuer

One of the many fabulous services we here at Forster Thomas like to provide is an occasional snapshot of the innovation landscape -- a few carefully chosen examples to highlight the diversity and sophistication of global thought.  Why do we do this?  To push you to think beyond a conventional, one size fits all goal, and start thinking about how you can have a real and meaningful impact on the world around you.

Our first innovation of the day comes from a well-established company, Nestle.  Simply put, they want to make the replicator real -- but they're starting a bit smaller than that, focusing instead on nutrition.  Nestle contends that most people are deficient in at least one of the 30 nutrients the human body requires and cannot produce, and is building a prototype gadget for your kitchen that would build your own nutritional supplement.  So what about replicated hamburgers?  Nestle says that's at least ten years away still.

A rather fancifully named startup, Modern Meadow, raised a big chunk of change on its idea of using vat-grown leather for clothing.  Eco friendly and stylish!  This one is a few years away as well, but provides an insight into how more and more startups have a physical (real-world) component to them -- after all, there is a limit to how many internet apps one person can really use.

This Forbes article about one of Europe's most popular Bitcoin exchanges is particularly intriguing because of its founders, a couple of 20something Slovenians named Kodrič and Merlak.  The young, delocalized nature of modern entrepreneurship was never more evident than now, with these two fast on their way to being the richest Slovenians around (except that they are actually relocating their company to London).

So if you are writing your essays now (and you better be!), keep your mind open to exciting new possibilities.  The world is evolving more rapidly than ever before, and you get a front row seat!


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