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The ongoing debate on a potential Federal government college ranking has revived the old debate about just how important rankings are.

By Ben Feuer

Here at Forster-Thomas we have been saying it for years -- a great fit matters much more than a number on some ranking, both in terms of student experience AND ultimate success.  That said, it's a lot easier to attempt to gauge schools on some sort of consistent set of metrics, and that is where rankings come in.

The New York Times today highlights the ongoing debate on whether the Federal government should create a college ranking system, and whether it should tie 'success' (as gauged by these rankings) to the ability to offer student loans or Pell grants.

If you are thinking about your college application right now, this debate is more relevant than you might think.  Believe it or not, both the schools and the government are curious what YOU, young high school student, have to say about this.  How was your personal experience moving through the system?  What has it inspired you to do?  Are you a minority?  If so, how (if at all) do you feel you were treated differently, and did it impact your ability or your willingness to go to college?

These are great topics to consider if you are thinking about what to write for your 2014-2015 common application essay prompts.  After all, your school experiences (beyond the simple fact of your grades or your test taking ability) are a big part of what have shaped you up to this point.  How have you felt the personal impact?  It's worth thinking about before setting out to write the great college essay you are capable of writing!


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