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Cornell's Johnson school has partnered with Tsinghua University in China to offer the first Mandarin & English Dual MBA.

By Ben Feuer

If you haven't heard of Tsinghua University, you're probably not Chinese.  If you haven't heard of Cornell's Johnson school, you haven't done enough legwork for your MBA.  But the opportunity to acquire degrees from BOTH of those schools simultaneously may prove irresistible to future international moguls -- at least, the schools hope that it will.

It's far too early to make any predictions about how this experiment will turn out -- after all, it was just announced two days ago! -- but this much we can say for sure.  It may be the first experiment of this type, but it will not be the last.  Business schools are concerned about market contraction, and they're doing their best to differentiate themselves, to create unique opportunities and advantages to help them stand out.  Although the number of people who intend to work actively in both Mandarin and English is a limited subset of all MBA applicants, it's a big one, and likely to grow.

These type of announcements are exactly why, if YOU are applying to business school this year, you should be tuned to the b-school news websites (like ours!).  You never know when a new opportunity might open up that would be a perfect fit for your candidacy.


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