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More and more college students are seeking the best deal as well as the best degree.

By Ben Feuer

The Chronicle of Higher Education's article discussing flat tuition revenue at many colleges highlights an interesting trend in college admissions overall; namely, college students and their parents are becoming bargain hunters, and schools are having to come up with inventive new ways to attract students.  The article highlights a few of these trends, including small private colleges discounting tuition to be more competitive with students who are admitted to large state schools, and discounts for junior transfers.

This may not be great news for every school, but it is great news for college students.  The more research you perform, the more schools you apply to (and are accepted to), the stronger your bargaining position.  You are doing yourself a disservice, in this day and age, if you are NOT talking to enrollment officers at your target schools and seeing what kind of arrangements they can offer for your son/daughter/self.

So if you (or someone you know) is looking to apply to college sometime in the near future, don't simply be content to pay the 'sticker price'.  Find a balance that works for your education as well as your pocketbook.


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