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MBAs interested in transitioning into the entertainment industry should take note of the continuing convergence of top business executives and entertainment personalities.

By Ben Feuer

More and more celebrities are looking to boost their profit margins by starting or purchasing businesses, and many of them are choosing to stick with what they know by becoming media moguls.  Although Jay-Z is by far the most successful figure in this space, others are looking to join the party, including a man perhaps most famous for his ode to Notorious BIG.

Sean Combs, or Diddy, as he is now known, has made a 200 million bid for the Fuse network, although experts say it may not be enough to actually close the deal.  It's unclear what specific innovations Diddy might bring to the network, which is primarily known as a hub for music videos.

At the same time, there is a rising trend of CEOs appearing in advertisements for their own companies -- Papa John being the most obvious example of this.  Just as celebrities enjoy the profit and status of entering the business world, prominent CEOs enjoy the limelight every once in a while.

So what does all of this mean for the average MBA applicant?  Simple.  Who you are as a person matters more than ever before.  No one expects you to be as famous as Sean Combs or as successful an entrepreneur as John Schattner.  But if you stand out in your workgroup, in your volunteer organization, or in your social circles, that can only support your candidacy to a top business school.

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