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By Ben Feuer

Tech toys takes a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous look at the world of technology, and how it continues to interact with (and impact) the educational landscape.

HuffPo posted a new article on February 19th.  The topic?  New trends in tech for 2014.  Pay attention, all you budding entrepreneurs, because HuffPo has the down low on what's hot (hint … not this), and if you're planning to write your MBA goals essay on a technology topic, you should be aware of this stuff.

Most of the usual suspects are there: big data, smart objects.  But the one that caught my eye was drones.

Drones?  Really?

Can you imagine what it would be like if drones ACTUALLY caught on in 2014?  What if we all got our own personal drones, following us to school?  Imagine the possibilities!  They could --

– Carry our heavy books
– Fabricate doctor's notes
– Tase people who annoy us
– Surveil the laundry room, so you can finally find out who keeps stealing your detergent

That's it, I'm sold.  Drones in 2014?  Sign me up.  I mean seriously, what's the downside here?


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