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Okay, so you aren't currently attending a top tier MBA program, but you still want to attract top tier companies and recruiters?  A new article from Bloomberg sheds light on the process.

By Ben Feuer

Bloomberg has a popular new article this week about why corporate headhunters choose certain schools over others.  Spoiler alert -- no real bombshell revelations come to light.  But that doesn't mean there is nothing to be learned from it.

Companies recruit on campus for the same reasons anyone recruits anywhere -- they have had good experiences with it in the past, OR their boss (someone highly placed in the company) tells them to, or persistent efforts of the student body to demonstrate interest in their field draw recruiters.  

This third option is the most interesting from a Forster-Thomas standpoint.  Why?  Because where a lesser man or woman might look at this and see a brick wall (oh, how am I ever going to get them to recruit HERE?), a leader will see this as an opportunity (I'm going to find a way to get them to start recruiting here).  Several candidates I have worked with in previous years have written application essays about their experience promoting their business major on the undergraduate campus.  Some have had real success in helping place alumni in jobs.  Others created strong campus interest in an industry where there was none before, like accounting or consulting, purely through student groups and simple legwork.

So read the article and start thinking about how YOU might be able to put it to work at your school -- whatever tier it is.


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