This series looks at the world of admissions consulting through everybody's favorite lens – the list!

1. Men's Bobsled

A bunch of sweaty guys crammed way too close together, trying to move ahead as fast as possible without actually doing that much work.

Degree Awarded = MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

2. Ice Dance

A coterie of graceful, touchy feely people judged on seemingly arbitrary criteria, while simultaneously feeling ever so slightly inferior to their more famous sister discipline.

Degree Awarded = MSW (Masters in Social Work)

3. Curling

A stilted, deliberately confusing pastime that was once cutting edge, but now is performed only by rich people in obscure places.

Degree Awarded = PHM (Masters of Philosophy)

4. Ice Hockey

A group of men or women banding together by country and attempting to outrank everybody else.

Degree Awarded = MPP or MPA (Masters in Public Administration or Policy)

5. Cross Country Skiing

An exhausting, seemingly endless, shockingly repetitive activity resulting in a skill that is impressive, but ultimately not that interesting and not worth that much money.

Degree Awarded = Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) 

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