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Law schools around the country are beginning to cut their sticker prices in response to declining applications.  Here are some of the schools that have taken the plunge.

By Ben Feuer


Admit it.  You thought the day would never come.  Nevertheless, here it is.  The number of applicants to law school has slid from more than 87,500 in 2010 to about 54,500 as of this month, according to the Law School Admission Council.

The Wall Street Journal has an article on how law schools are finally cutting their tuition in response to a dearth of applications year after year.  As more and more students flee to the seemingly more lucrative pastures of the MBA and Medical degrees, Law school is (belatedly) trying to make itself more competitive again.

And now, for your further edification, here are some of the programs that have cut tuition recently -- see if any of them look like a fit for you.

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA COLLEGE OF LAW -- US News #27 -- Cut 16.4% to $21,965 for residents or
$39,500 for non-residents.

ROGER WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW -- US News Unpublished -- Cut 28% to $42,130

UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE SCHOOL OF LAW -- US News Unranked -- Cut 22% to $39,900

UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO SCHOOL OF LAW -- US News #140 -- Cut 13% to $17,900 in state,
$31,074 out of state.

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA JAMES E ROGERS SCHOOL OF LAW -- US News #40 -- Cut as much as 39% to $24,381 per year (in-state) and full-time: $38,841 per year (out-of-state)

OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY'S PETTIT COLLEGE OF LAW -- US News Unpublished -- Cut 21% to $33,684


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