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Dean Paul Danos is stepping down at Tuck.  What does this mean for future MBA applicants?

By Ben Feuer

After twenty years, Dean Paul Danos will be stepping down from his position at the head of Tuck Business School.  That's some seriously impressive staying power, and we wish him all the best in whatever he chooses to do next.

So what does it mean for the MBA candidates thinking of applying to Tuck this year?  Four words -- all bets are off.  Tuck's questions have barely changed at all over the past three years, sticking to the old B-school chestnuts -- goals, leadership, failure/setback, and sometimes diversity.  And if you don't know what those essay types are, you seriously need to pick up a copy of our book.

But with new faces inevitably come new ideas, and history shows that the dean that replaces Paul Danos will want to stamp the program as his own, probably this year.  Fortunately, even though the questions business schools ask change almost every year, the structure and substance of great essays remains the same.  Tell the truth, be powerful, and limit your word count.


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