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Here are the 2014-2015 deadlines for some key law schools, and a few useful tips about how to handle your application.

Please do double-check all these dates with the schools and LSAC. If you see any errors or changes, send us an email. 

Remember that many of these schools, including Columbia, Georgetown, Cornell, Duke and Virginia, have separate deadlines for early decision, and that those decisions are in most cases binding — so if you have a firm first choice in your mind, submit that school’s application first.

Also, remember that many of these schools have rolling admissions, which means applications are reviewed (and seats are filled) in the order they are received — so don’t wait!

YALE LAW SCHOOL                             February 28, 2015
HARVARD LAW SCHOOL                    February 1, 2015
STANFORD LAW SCHOOL                  February 2, 2015
COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL                  February 27, 2015
U. CHICAGO LAW SCHOOL                February 1, 2015
NYU SCHOOL OF LAW                         February 2, 2015
U. VIRGINIA SCHOOL OF LAW          March 1, 2015 (recommended)
U. CALIFORNIA BERKELEY LAW      February 1, 2015
DUKE UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL    February 15, 2015 (recommended)
U. MICHIGAN LAW SCHOOL               February 15, 2015
NORTHWESTERN LAW SCHOOL        February 15, 2015
CORNELL LAW SCHOOL                      February 1, 2015
GEORGETOWN LAW SCHOOL            March 1, 2015
UT AUSTIN LAW SCHOOL                   March 1, 2015
UCLA LAW SCHOOL                             February 1, 2015
VANDERBILT LAW SCHOOL               April 1, 2015
EMORY LAW SCHOOL                         March 1, 2015

If you have more questions about how to apply to law school, contact us via our website.