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With all the great articles being written and published every single day, how do you know which ones are worth your time? Fortunately, you have us to comb through and pull out the most interesting tidbits of the week. And here they are! 

The beleaguered field of legal education suffers another body blow in this fascinating Bloomberg article. The graphics clearly show that law students with very little chance of securing high-paying jobs wind up paying more for their degrees than the more desirable high-LSAT students.  If you have any intention of going to law school, get that LSAT up.


New Jersey will be getting its first private medical school, and Seton Hall will be its location. This story has continued to develop over the past few weeks, and so far everybody seems to be on board. Of course, this is still many years away, but for those of you who will not be applying to medical school for another few years, this is worth keeping your eye on.


Senators Lamar Alexander and Michael Bennet have proposed a re-instatement of the year-round Pell Grant for students who want to finish college in three years instead of four.  For those of you who continue to struggle with how to finance your degrees, this should be something you get out there and support. Perfect or not, is one more way for you to get your education financed.


A fascinating piece about the day we lost sight of what “Liberal Arts” meant.  We at Forster-Thomas work on the practical side of admissions for the most part, helping people get into their dream schools, but we do enjoy musing about the overall direction of higher education from time to time.  This article explores in depth how the pursuit of the almighty dollar may have limited the potential of a college education in recent years.


As always, if you have questions about your upcoming college or graduate school application, let us know – we’ll be happy to help!