Why Us?

There are literally thousands of educational consultants out there for you to choose from. Here’s what makes us different:

Success Rate

We’ve done the math, and it speaks for itself: Forster-Thomas candidates have a 98% success rate with their top 5 school choices, and an 86% success rate with their top 3 school choices.

Personalized Attention

We are not an “essay mill” that depends on volume for success. We are a small educational consultant company with a handpicked staff of dedicated professionals, and we only take on as many candidates as we want to work with each year. As soon as you sign up, you will receive the personal phone number for your creative coach, who will have a flexible schedule that will work with yours. It’s not uncommon for our coaches and candidates to develop a strong bond while working together; we’re still in touch with many of our past candidates, and have even been invited to their birthday parties and weddings.

We’re Writers and Storytellers, Not Ex-Admissions Officers

Knowing good food when you taste it doesn’t make you a gourmet chef. While admissions officers know a good candidate when they see one, that doesn’t mean they can help you create a distinctive candidacy. Forster-Thomas coaches and editors, however, are veterans of the top names in media. We’re journalists, screenwriters, authors, and storytellers, so we know how to craft, structure and tell a compelling story, not just how to appreciate one.

Our Finger Is On The Pulse

When it comes to admissions, the essay questions aren’t the only things that change every year or two—the admissions staff does too. And each new admissions director has his/her own perspective on what makes a great candidate. To keep up with the changing tides, we interview admissions officers at the top schools across the country each year, keeping up-to-date on what they're looking for, what impresses them, and what they see over and over again. We even publish our interviews to give you the upper hand.

One-Stop Shopping

As important as essays are, they’re only one part of your candidacy. Recognizing that, we take a holistic approach to your candidacy and offer full-service educational consulting from top to bottom. With our expert knowledge, we can help you select the right schools, write resumes, choose and approach recommenders, prepare for interviews, navigate issues surrounding learning differences, and employ strategies to get off a school’s waitlist. And if your academic background or leadership experience is not up to par, we actually build candidacies as well—suggesting relevant coursework or coaching you on how to take on leadership roles at work or in your community.

We Don’t Count Hours

Many educational consultants offer packages that only buy you a certain number of hours with your coach. The package may sound like enough time, until you find yourself needing a little more help with that one dreaded sentence or want some feedback on your resume, at which point you’re forced to buy more hours or skimp on quality. At Forster-Thomas, we want all your focus on your work, not on the clock or your pocketbook. So both our Express Package and Power Package have no hourly limits. You pay a single fee upfront, and we work with you as long as it takes to get your essays right.

Lastly, We Get It

No, really. We do.