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Test Prep Tutors and Study Courses

We have entered a strategic partnership with Arborbridge, the premier company for individualized test prep. Their personalized service, dedication, and impressive track record for getting results is why we choose Arborbridge as our preferred partner in one-on-one test-prep tutoring.     

We'd also like to recommend the company Magoosh - a site dedicated to providing the most up-to-date college test preparation resources for exams - including the GMAT!

MBA Admissions Advice in handy paperback form

For more info on our book, The MBA Reality Check, visit The MBA Reality Check website. There, you can read an excerpt, see reader reviews, or just gaze at the photo of our foxy founders. 

What MBA Admissions Directors Want

Want the inside scoop on what admissions directors at the top MBA programs are looking for? Well, we did too. So we went and interviewed a whole bunch of them. And now, being the up-with-shiny-happy-people people that we are, we've begun posting our interviews with MBA admission directors for your edification. We know. We're awesome. You're welcome.

Essay Tips for College Applicants

Justin Marshall, a Forster-Thomas essay coach, also wrote a book. It's on the topic of how to write essays.  After an amazing flash of inspiration, he decided to call it How To Write An Essay. It's not too shabby. In fact, the book is in its second edition, and has sold over 10,000 copies. Check out Justin's book on

MBA News, Resources, and Blogs

GI Joe was right: Knowing is half the battle. We highly recommend these sites for your further edification.

Business Because: A business school news, networking, and jobs site—helping applicants choose a b-school and business students find a job.

Poets & Quants. Chock full o' good stuff about MBA programs.

MBA Social: Kellogg MBA Jenn Yee provides excellent lifestyle news and resources for current and future MBA students.  

The New Essay: Excellent article providing insight into how technology is changing the landscape of admissions, the academic essay, and the classroom in general.  

Keith Ferrazzi: The white male Oprah of "relationship development" (networking).