The Leadership Action Plan

Leadership-based extracurriculars can make or break your candidacy

No matter what type of academic program you’re applying to, leadership-based extracurricular activities matter. Why? Because what good is knowledge without action? While your academics (GPA and test scores) tell admissions officers how big your brain is, it’s your extracurriculars that indicate whether or not you’re able to put that brain to good use in the world at large. Specifically, this is what extracurricular activities do for your candidacy:

  • They show that you are engaged and active in the world around you, and that you can have an impact upon it
  • They provide evidence of your ability to manage, lead, and innovate
  • They show that you have passions and interests
  • They demonstrate that you have interpersonal skills
  • They prove that you not only talk the talk, but walk the walk

In short, academics show whether or not you can succeed, but leadership-based extracurricular activities show whether or not you will.

Bolster your extracurricular experience

Other educational consultants quickly evaluate your extracurricular history and tell you if you’re up to snuff. If not, they recommend you “do more”. But at Forster-Thomas, we actually work with you to craft and implement a thorough leadership action plan. First, we find out what you’re passionate about, whether it’s a sport, a social issue, a cause, or a hobby. Next, we work with you to brainstorm ways in which you can up your game. This might be creating an organization from scratch, or adding value to an existing one. Finally, we help you develop a timeline for your action plan to ensure you carry it out and before you apply to schools.

Turning Extracurriculars into “Powercurriculars”

The hallmark of the Forster-Thomas Leadership Action Plan is that we help you create an initiative in which you have a real, tangible impact. We’re not interested in helping you come up with a short-term, one-off activity that looks good on a resume—we want to turn you into someone who lives life as a leader, 24/7. In other words, through our Leadership Action Plan, we take the “extra” right out of the equation and give you tools that allow you to have a powerful impact for years to come. By the time we’re done, you’ll no longer see extracurriculars as something you sneak in on the side—you’ll be committed to “powercurriculars” that allow you to have a true impact on the world around you.

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